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We develop, deliver, and manage IT solutions for private, government and public sector organizations. Since 1995


Our team is composed of experienced and certified specialists. We also cooperate with leading suppliers of ICT solutions.


Our pro-active and highly flexible approach means that we can cut the time taken to deliver completed projects. Our solutions are always tailor-made to fit the needs of the client.



Structured and biometric data handling

The platform has been conceived to process structured and biometric data. The main usage of the platform is a system for the management of visas for the Schengen Area, registration and regognition of people. It allows secure connection to the IT systems of other states and international organisations and easy cutomization for other purposes.

The system handles

  • Personal details
  • Biometric details
  • Passport photos
  • Other data

The protection of personal and sensitive information from abuse or removal is assured with the help of security instruments which SOFTRONIC Praha, a.s. developed itself.

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Revenue Management and Billing

An advanced platform for charging of prepaid and postpaid services. It enables the pricing of any service provided to end customers and to issue a single invoice for consumed services. The platform can handle complex bundled services. Its flexibility allows reordering and the adaption of individual functional components according to the specific requirements of the client so that these can reflect the expansion of the business.

  • Event charging
  • Invoicing
  • Receivable Accounts
  • Dunning
  • Customized data exports

The platform is flexible and can be used in many different fields. It is suitable for companies in the telecoms, banking, e-commerce, and many other sectors.

Service Desk

System requests processing

Service Desk application is a tool for the fast and effective declaration and processing of all types of incidents and service requests both within and outside the organization. The application can be cloud hosted, operated on your own IT network or as a delivered service with trained operators.

  • Dealing with incidents or service requests
  • Internal Communications
  • Overview of completed actions
  • Communications with clients
  • Overview of technical background

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Secured Mobile Identity

Protection against data abuse

The application protects data on mobile applications and equipment used outside the office. It protects mobile phones, tablets, and other equipment against data theft or abuse. SMI is also possible to use as a security system for buildings.

The application has primarily the following functions

  • Different security levels by location awareness
  • A graded security approach
  • Recognition of biometric details, such as the face
  • Recognizing and reading personal ID


Outsourcing of IT services

Complete outsourcing of IT services for smooth functioning of the company’s IT systems based on client specifications. We shoulder all responsibility for the services provided, including communications with third parties.

  • Operation of corporate IT services
  • Expert consultancy in the field of IT and telco
  • Hosting (physical as well as virtual – VMWare)
  • Supply of hardware and software
  • Tailor-made software

Secured Office

The protection of both the information and property of small and mid-sized companies and individuals.  The protection of sensitive information and highest level of IT systems security to ensure that no data can be stolen, misused or modified during their processing, storing and transferring.

  • Antivirus protection of the server, telephones, e-mail
  • Protection of data against theft and abuse
  • Encryption of data and communications
  • Secure back-up
  • Protection of property


Public sector and corporations.


We support social responsibility and fund several non-profit projects and personalities

  • Honza Tománek

    the Czech Republic representative in handcycling, a discipline of road para-cycling




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